Poker bonus guide : All you need to know

One of the perks of playing online poker is the possibility of enjoying several bonuses that gambling sites offer to all players to attract them. Unlike many cities where there is only one poker room in a brick-and-mortar casino, there is a vast offering ready on the internet to serve players worldwide.

Therefore, players often look for the best bonus for themselves. This article will check the most common poker promotions, explain their main differences, etc.

Now let's review what kind of bonuses poker rooms offer:

No deposit bonuses

Perhaps the best welcome offer for newcomers to the poker industry. A no deposit bonus gives ‘free money' to play at the tables. Of course, you will have to fulfill several conditions before you can request a withdrawal, but nevertheless, you will have a chance to start playing for real money without risking anything,

One of the most famous is the 888 poker bonus. This site will give you up to $88 to play for free at one of the most respected gambling sites in the industry. The only requirement to get the bonus is to register and start playing.

Welcome bonuses

bonus designed for those who are ready to deposit into a poker room. Usually, this offer is introduced as “100% up to $1,000”, changing the values, indicating the maximum possible bonus. There are two kinds:

• Locked bonuses: the player releases small chunks of the bonus while playing. The wagering time is usually 90-120 days.
• Open bonus: the player is credited with the full bonus and can play with it (for example, $100 and get an extra $50). The player cannot withdraw until the entire bonus is cleared.

Reload bonuses

From time to time, poker rooms release reload bonuses to encourage current players to deposit more money into their accounts. The mechanics are very similar to a welcome bonus. The main differences lie in the amount (which is usually less) and the fact that it is designed for players who have deposited before.

Bear in mind that these bonuses are usually available only for a limited time, so you will need to make a deposit as soon as you find out about the promotion.

Poker bonuses FAQ

How to get a welcome bonus in a poker room?

Usually, you will need to verify your account with documents (ID, proof of address), and process a deposit or apply for a free-money bonus.

Can I get several poker bonuses?

Yes! You can switch poker rooms to take advantage of different bonuses or wait for a reload bonus if you want to play on the same site.

However, you should be aware that abusing the welcome bonuses is a prohibited practice.

Why do poker rooms give welcome bonuses?

Competition is the main reason. Players have a wide portfolio of poker rooms to choose from, and after verifying the reliability of the site, they will go for the room that offers the most appealing promotions.

Are poker bonuses profitable?

Yes! These promotions are generally on top of regular loyalty programs, thus representing an extra income for the player.

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