Bovada Poker Tournament Schedule

Check out the Bovada Poker Tournament Schedule with over $3 million monthly in poker tournaments. When you play at Bovada, you’re playing at not only the busiest poker room by far that still serves U.S. players. Bovada Poker Tournaments are some of the the biggest online tournaments around. Bovada is also one of the biggest online poker rooms in the world period. All this traffic has many benefits.  One of them is gaining access to some very big and exciting poker tournaments.

In terms of the numbers, Bovada delivers a total of $3 million worth of guaranteed tournaments every week. With this much to give away, this is not just a matter of a few big ones, with the rest being on the small side. Like you see at some competitive online poker sites.

There are no less than 12 tournaments that run every day that have a guaranteed prize pool of $5000 or more. These bigger tournaments run throughout the afternoon and evening hours. Most of them scheduled in prime time, to ensure that everyone gets plenty of opportunity to enjoy all the fun they bring. Check out Bovada Poker here for a special bonus.

Bovada Poker Tournament Schedule The Nightly Majors

The real fun starts at 8 PM ET every evening, where $55 will get you a seat at the $25,000 Guaranteed super stack and 5000 chips. On Sunday night, this Bovada Poker Tournament turns into a $30,00 guaranteed. As always it has the same buy in and chips.

There’s also another $55 buy in that runs at 9:15. This one only offers a guaranteed prize pool of $15,000. That’s still a mighty nice chunk of change to be playing for.

Those who only wish to buy in for $11 will find 2 tournaments to choose from. First an $8,000 Guaranteed one at 8:30 PM.  Secondly a $10,000 Guaranteed at 10:15 PM. This one featuring a massive 10,000 starting chips.

Players with bigger bankrolls can take advantage of two nightly $109 buy in tournaments, a $12,000 Guaranteed at 8:55 PM, and a $10,000 Guaranteed turbo at 10 PM. These bigger buy in tournaments feature smaller fields, so your chances of winning are even better than average.

These big tournaments are designed to be suited to accommodate everyone, and there’s also a $22 buy in one at 9:15, where you’ll play for your share of $10,000, and a $33 turbo one at 11 PM for a prize pool of $5,000.

There are also big tournaments that run at other times of day here as well, but for those who like to play in the evenings, and want to play for big money and big excitement, Bovada packs every night with lots of action for you.

Bovada’s $100,000 Guaranteed Weekly Tournament

Sunday is big tournament day in the world of online poker, and there are some that only offer smaller so called big tournaments, and may not even offer then every week, and perhaps even just once a month.

Who wants to wait a whole month in between these tournaments, or play for a whole lot less cash, like you see at Bovada’s competitors? You’re at the big site here, and they roll out the real big one every Sunday at 4 PM ET.

There are a number of ways to get a seat at this huge tournament. You can just buy in directly for $162. This is the simplest and easiest way if you have the funds to do it. You can also redeem your points for a seat if you have enough of them racked up to do it.

There are also a number of qualifiers that you can buy into, starting at $1. Of course, the bigger the buy in at the qualifier tournament, the better chances you’ll have. You do want to do your best to make it to these Bovada Poker Tournaments.  Reason being the money you can win is so exciting. For those who haven’t played at a tournament this big before, let me tell you. The poker game is a whole lot more fun with this much money on the line. With such a great lineup of big tournaments, there’s no limit on the fun you can have playing here. Check out Bovada Now.

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