Betting on Virtual Sports at Bovada. The NBA playoffs won’t start this Saturday as planned, but you can still bet on the virtual American Basketball League at Bovada Sportsbook. These computer simulations feature 16 cities from across the US. New games are generated every few minutes, with animated highlight packages showing you the key plays from each matc hup. Just look for “Basketball League” at the top of the menu once you tap/click the Virtual Sports icon on our main odds page.

Virtual Basketball Takes Over for NBA With the NBA playoffs not happening this week, virtual basketball has taken center stage at Bovada Sportsbook. You can bet right now on the simulated American Basketball League. Bet on virtual sports at Bovada and get a free 50% bonus.

In addition to virtual basketball, Bovada is pleased to offer two different virtual soccer leagues: one international competition, and one domestic competition that looks a lot like the English Premier League. You’ll find these listed as “Soccer” and “Soccer League” on your Virtual Sports menu.

Don’t miss out on the virtual racing games at Bovada Sportsbook – it’s just like a trip to the racino, with real-life footage of greyhounds and motorcycles used to create “new” races for you to bet on. Animated races for autos, greyhounds and thoroughbreds are also available, along with the amazing camel races that have become such a popular betting option of late. All this and more is waiting for you right now on the Virtual Sports menu at Bovada Sportsbook.

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