Bovada Poker Million Dollar Weekend

Poker Odds: The Million Dollar Weekend at Bovada Poker Online poker is booming again, and Bovada Poker has a special tournament series coming up: the Million Dollar Weekend. There will be 20 tournaments spread across four days from Friday, April 17 through Monday, April 20. Qualifying tournaments and tune-up events are being played right now at Bovada Poker, and you can bet on these tune-ups at Bovada Sportsbook.

Bovada Poker is proud to present the Million Dollar Weekend tournament festival, running from April 17-20. Qualifiers are taking place right now. Bet on poker at Bovada and get a free 50% bonus.

At press time, the focus for this week’s betting is on two events:

Monday’s $75,000 Guaranteed

Monday’s event is a special Super High Roller tune-up, with the over/under for total entries set at 555.5.

Sunday’s $175,000 Guaranteed

Sunday’s featured tune-up has a total of 2725.5 entries on the board. You can also bet on how many re-entries there will be for each tournament. For a little extra spice, there’s another betting option for these Million Dollar Weekend tune-ups: Will the winner’s player number be odd or even?

Bovada Poker features anonymous tables where each player is assigned a number instead of having their user IDs shown. Other poker odds will be released as we get closer to April 17, so keep an eye on Bovada Poker and Bovada Sportsbook to find out more about the Million Dollar Weekend.

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