Video Slot Progressive Jackpot Hit Rates

You are not going to win a progressive jackpot very often when playing video slot games. The Progressive Jackpot Hit Rates are very low. In fact many slot players are never lucky enough to win one of them ever.  However there are times when you should consider giving them a try. Furthermore there are times when these kinds of slots are left well alone. Check out all the Video Slots at Bovada.

All of the older online progressive video slot games will have a traceable track record of when the jackpot have been won. When you start compiling the data regarding these jackpots over several years you will soon discover they all have an average hit amount.

Progressive Jackpot Hit Rates Average

This is when, on average, any one progressive jackpot paying video slot tends to payout is jackpot. By tracking these jackpots then a savvy slot player will be able to tell when it is best to sit down and play them. This is simply when the jackpot is over the amount at which it usually is won.

Below are a few of the more popular online progressive video slot games at Bovada Casino.  Including an overview of the average jackpot amount won on them.  Should you see the current slot jackpot on any listed slot being above these jackpot amounts then that may be a good time for you to give these casino games a whirl!

Food Fight Progressive Jackpot Hit Rates

This game is available as both a video slot and a 3 reel slot. However the jackpot pool is linked on both online slot games. Currently the progressive jackpot on Food Fight stands at close to $1 Million.

Its Good To Be Bad Progressive

This slot pays out its jackpot very regularly often once every few week, and the best time to play it is when its jackpot has surpassed the average hit rate which on this game is $218,000.

Midlife crisis

This slot is a simple to play video slot game and is found in all RTG software powered casino sites. The jackpot is currently over $1.6 Million USD, nice retirement.

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