3 Successful Online Poker Tactics for Beginners

Much has been written on Successful Online Poker Tactics for Beginners. Some by the finest poker players involved in the game. However, relatively little has actually been said about how your presentation and behavior at the poker table can influence the likelihood of winning. Particularly with regard to online poker at bovada.

Reading “tells” is one part of playing online poker successfully. The other part is developing self-awareness, and understanding how personal conduct can affect the dynamic at a poker table. Here we’ll take you through several Successful Online Poker Tactics for Beginners to take into consideration when playing poker online.

Online Poker Tactics for Beginners

Choose your poker alias wisely

Don’t rush into picking an online poker alias and avatar. This is likely to have a subtle but significant impact on how other players perceive and react to you over the course of your online poker career. A nick can be used to suggest gender, levels of experience and levels of aggression. It is therefore worthwhile considering how you want to come across to other players. Try this out by making a new poker account at Bovada.

As a rule of thumb poker players will play more aggressively against female players and tight players. From a strategic standpoint, a poker player may select a specific type of alias and avatar. This suggests a tight/passive style of play when, in fact, the player’s style of play is loose and aggressive. By picking an obviously female or newbie looking poker alias, it can give opponents the wrong ideas about how they think you will likely play. Furthermore this deception can cause them to make some costly mistakes.

Online Poker Tactics for Beginners #2 Chat or Not

Bovada poker offers online chat services in their poker rooms, and these have contributed to the decline of many a poker player. Some players use the chat function to make friends with other players. The vast majority uses online poker chat to bait other players. Even to act out when they go on a tilt after a perceived bad beat.

If you’re immune to tilting or being baited by other players, then the chat function can be used to project an attitude of courtesy and humility that may stand you in good stead at some stage of your game. For example the survival a player with a small stack sitting on the bubble during a scheduled or sit n go tournament could well depend on whether or not that player has antagonized other players at the table. If you’re polite and gracious in defeat, you may find someone cutting you some slack when you need it most.

If you’re easily stirred, then the best approach is generally to turn off the chat function. Instead focus on how your opponents are playing. This prevents distraction, and helps you maintain all-important emotional equilibrium.

Showing or Not Showing Cards

A basic principle of any form of poker is to give your opponents as little information as possible. Secondly use whatever information you do put out to mislead them. With this in mind, it is generally worthwhile to auto-muck your cards.

By mucking your cards when you win or lose a hand you are depriving experienced players of important information on how you will react to a particular situation. While it might be tempting to show off your heroic bluff, or the pocket aces that everyone at the table folded around. You are better off keeping this information to yourself.

One final aspect of online poker play to keep in mind is that many players use speed of play as a tell when playing online. Players will generally play stronger hands slower. Play weaker hands faster, thereby broadcasting this information to anyone paying attention to speed of play. Mixing up speed of play can interfere with an opponent’s ability to read your game by using your time

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