Slot Bonus Rounds

Online and live slots are one of the most exciting and entertaining games to play. You can often start living the game and not notice the time that is passing you by. While the general slot game play is not anything stunning, exciting or worth noticing at all, bonus rounds is the feature that totally rocks the Bovada slot machines. Bonus rounds are the function responsible for a part of the success online slot machines enjoy. There are several types of bonus rounds, each with their own, unique functions. Check out the slots at Bovada Now.

General Slot Bonus Rounds

These are too wide to describe them exactly. One thing for sure is that they will make you to sit on the edge of your seat. With your eyes as close to your screen, as possible. Examples of the bonus rounds include spinning a huge wheel with prizes on it. Or taking hats from penguins and fighting the bad guys to win credits and many others. Bonus rounds usually award quite significant prizes. Worth noticing that they are awarded in credits, so the more you bet, the more money you'll win! There are several ways to activate slot bonus rounds. These usually depend by the slot you are playing.

Free Spins Slot Bonus Rounds

Free spins are probably the most popular slot bonus rounds among the players. This bonus round is activated by spinning a specific amount of particular symbols on the reel. This depends by the slot you are playing at. You can be awarded between 10 up to 25 free spins, which also feature a multi-plier in some slots. Multiplier does exactly what it sounds like – multiplies your winnings.

Note that not all the slots feature a chance to win free spins. However, pretty much all video slots do. Also, video slots usually offer chances to win extra free spins while in a free spins mode! Yep, it's crazy!

Progressive Jackpots

These are obviously bonus rounds which feature most love from the players, as they have a shot at winning a HUGE amount of money. Progressive jackpot bonus rounds are usually made in a fashion, that will make you feel like you are very, very close to winning it every time you get into a bonus round.

Some examples of a jackpot bonus rounds include spinning a triple-level wheel, which features several jackpots in the middle and rest fields award a consolation prizes. Another game will have you holding a hammer and crushing stones. Each stone will feature an icon of a jackpot or a number, which shows the amount of credits you'll win. Collect 3 icons and win that prize

These are just a few of many, many games founds in progressive online slot machines. Seriously, these are the most exciting slot games online!

When choosing an online slot game at bovada casino or a live slot game to play at, make sure that it features some bonus rounds. There is no reason to miss any extra features, if you are going to play slots anyway! Bonus features will surely keep excitement up to the highest level possible and can also book you a sizeable win!

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