It is often the type of bonus game which a video slot game has on offer that will determine whether a player gives it some playtime or not, however just like the jackpot hit rates mentioned above the bonus games all have similar hit rates in regards to when these bonus rounds, should, based on the reel symbol layout spin in and award the bonus features.

Below are a few online video slot games and you will find information on when their bonus games on average should be awarded. Many experienced players will start to increase the stake levels at which they are playing these slot for when the bonus game should be about to hit, in the hope of when they do trigger a large winning payout is achieved.

Achilles Slot

When you are playing any number of the 25 optional paylines on the Achilles  slot game from Bovada you should, on average get at least three scatter symbols which are the Achilles symbols appearing and awarding the free spins bonus game once every 169 spins.

Triton's Treasure

Bovada's Triton's Treasure slot game has free spins that are awarded for spinning in three of the scatter symbols, these should on average spin in and award the free spins once every 143 spins you make. The bonus round features expanding wilds to make for big wins.