Roulette Tips

Some Roulette Tips are better then others. My favorite is that someone once said that the only way to win at Roulette is to own the casino. However as the game of Roulette is completely random then you are going to have both winning and losing sessions. Whenever you sit down to play it. One aspect of playing Roulette online is the fact that players are able to choose their own wagers on the betting layout. Check out Roulette on Bovada Now. You can even practice for free.

There are a few handy playing tips we can share with you when you choose to play Roulette online. We have listed these below for you. Do have a good look through them as you may find some of these tips useful.

Roulette Tips on Variants to Play

To an inexperienced Roulette player all Roulette games may appear the same. However there are in fact many different variants on offer online and in land based casinos. Furthermore it is important that you choose the variant which offers you the lowest house edge. Therefore a higher chance of you having a winning session. One albeit rare online Roulette variant which you will be interested in is the Zero House Edge Roulette game, this particular game does not have a zero in play on the Roulette wheel and therefore the house edge is 0%.

However if you do find such a game on offer online then please ensure that the casino at which you are playing it at does not charge you a fee for withdrawing winnings obtain on this game. Some casinos charge a percentage of your winnings to offset the zero house edge!

French Roulette : The French Roulette game is readily available to play at most online casinos and as such this is the game of choice for many players as it boasts a very low house edge.

There are two unique rules on this game one of which will be attached to the variant you are playing. The first rule which could be in force will see even money bets staying on the table for the next spin when a zero spins in, so they are not losing wagers when that zero has spun in.

The other rule will also mean your even money wagers are not losing bets when a zero spins in instead you get half of your stakes on these wagers returned to you. The house edge on French Roulette is just 1.35% making it a must play game for all Roulette players.

Roulette Tips on Games to Avoid Playing

There are some Roulette variants which you should always avoid. Especially when any of the above mentioned variants are on offer. These games along with the reasons you should avoid playing them are listed below.

Mini Roulette : One new Roulette variant which has started to appear online in Playtech software powered casino sites. This game is a scaled down version of the European Roulette game. Furthermore this new game is known as Mini Roulette.

Whilst you may be forgiven for thinking that due to it having just twelve numbers and one zero on the wheel it may be worth playing it isn't. The house edge on this particular variant is massive working out at a very unattractive 7.69%.

American Roulette : You will notice on the American Roulette variant not one but two zeros attached to the wheel. This simple fact means the house edge on this game is over 5%. Making it a game you should never play.

Progressive Roulette : The Progressive Roulette games offered at a growing number of online casino sites will force you to place an additional bonus bet type wager alongside your base game wagers.

Whilst this bet when successful will return a set of bonus payouts one of which is the progressive jackpot, the house edge on this forced wager is often high and offers poor value.

Roulette Tips on System Betting

You will find two types of players at any Roulette table, the first and most common type of player is the one who will place their chips anywhere they choose on the betting layout, and they may place a few chips here or there or scatter them around like confetti all over the place.

Then there is the system player. There are a number of different betting systems which you can play on the game of Roulette. However no system is going to be a guaranteed long term winner.

One system which you should avoid playing is the Martingale system. This system will see you doubling your stakes on an even money paying bet each time the previous one loses.

This system can often be successful time and time again. However when a series of losing spins has spun in then it can decimate even the largest of bankrolls. Avoid any such double up type betting system whenever you play Roulette.

Roulette Bonuses

As most online casinos like bovada online casino offer new and existing player bonuses you will need to be aware that if you have taken such a bonus and intend playing Roulette with it then you should ensure you are fully aware of all rules regarding such a bonus especially when you are thinking of playing Roulette.

Roulette is often a non-allowed game when using a casino bonus. When a casino permits you to play with a bonus when playing Roulette they will attach some massive play through requirements. Often there put in place maximum bet wager rules.

If you are considering using a bonus on any Roulette game make sure you read the rules and evaluate them. When you have taken into account the play through requirements you will soon be able to work out whether the bonus is offering value for money. As in most cases they do not and should be avoided.

Remember that by not taking a bonus when playing online you will be free to withdraw your winnings at any time you choose. The casino can not force you to play a certain amount of games or wagers. You will never be subject to any maximum cash out rules.

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