Progressive Jackpot Slots

Gamblers play Progressive Jackpot Slots and casino games in general because they like to feel adrenaline rush through their body. Players also know that they have a shot at winning a lot of money, if they get lucky. Usually the larger amount of money gamblers can win, the more they play the game. This is exactly the case with Progressive Jackpot Slots. Check out all the Slots at Bovada.

Two General Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots:

Standard, also called fixed coins jackpots : These are the jackpots, that are featured by a pretty much every slot game. Even most classical slots feature these jackpots, sometimes they aren't advertised as jackpots, but as maximum win amount. They offer a particular amount of coins or cash, that can be won if you spin certain symbols on the reel. These jackpots range from $1000 and go all the way up to $100,000 and even more than that.

Progressive Jackpots : These are the ones, that will make your heart beat harder and make you jump out of your seat in no time. Progressive slot machine jackpots are the most widely known ones both, live and online. They used to be huge at land based casinos, but in the past few years, there have been many online winners, who have won several million dollars in them.

In order to win a progressive jackpot at Bovada, or at least have a shot at it, you'll have to find a progressive jackpot slot machine. Nowadays, these are offered at a pretty much any online casino. Progressive jackpots are often pooled across several casino slot machines. Reason being to bring more cash for the jackpots.

Winning Thru the Bonus Game

Most Progressive Jackpot Slots are activated and can be won through a bonus game. Bonus game can usually be activated by spinning certain symbols on the reel. This game is designed in a fashion that will excite you big time. For example, some progressive slots feature a bonus game where you have to spin a huge wheel. They are similar to ones shown in TV shows and games. This bonus wheel commonly features a lot of consolation prizes and some fields, that awards you the jackpot. Other progressive jackpot bonus games will make you to breach stone squares with a hammer. Under these you'll find a symbol of a progressive jackpot or number. Usually showing how many credits you'd win, if you collect three of those. There are several types of those games at Bovada, all of them are very exciting and will certainly keep you entertained!

The best thing about progressive jackpots is that you can play those slots for as little as $0,25 per spin and win several millions, if you get lucky! Pretty much every progressive slot in the industry allows you to bet very, very small amounts of money! However, some openly advertise that the more you bet, the more likely you are to play the bonus game. I guess I don't have to tell you where the bonus game could potentially lead you.

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