MegaWins Slot

Mega payouts are on the line in Rival Gaming’s newest 3-reel slot, MegaWins Slot. This game has the look and feel of an old school electro mechanical slot machines. The backdrop features a gold-coin explosion, blasting from the game logo, which hovers over the glittering three reels.

The reels have images of cherries, BAR icons, lucky No. 7s, and the jackpot-triggering hawk symbols. Landing three (or in the case of cherries, two) matching symbols on any of the five active lines gets you a payout. How much you get to pocket depends on how many coins were wagered.

While developers continue to offer fancier slot games with more features, Mega Wins keeps it simple. Five paylines, three reels and mega jackpots are all that’s needed for a satisfying slot experience. Check MegaWins Out at Bovada

Mega Wins’ three payout tiers can be found in the paytable just left of the reels. You can bet one, two or three coins per line, and each amount corresponds to a unique payout. An example of the payout differences between the three tiers can be seen when landing three mismatched BAR symbols: a one-coin bet pays three coins, a two-coin bet pays six coins, and a three-coin bet pays nine coins. All the payouts increase in the same systematic way with every additional coin wagered, except for the jackpot.

MegaWins Slot Jackpot

Three Hawk icons trigger the mega win jackpot at Bovada. Betting one coin results in a 1,500-coin jackpot, betting two coins results in a 3,000-coin jackpot, and the payout for a three-coin wager jumps to 5,000 coins. The monetary value of the three-coin jackpot depends on the selected coin denominations. If each coin is worth a penny, the 5,000-coin jackpot pays $50. The jackpot increases to $500 for $0.10-coin denominations and $25,000 for $5-coin denominations.

One of the MegaWins Slot perks is the number of paylines it offers. Most 3-reel slot games come with one or three lines, but Mega Wins offers five. It comes with the standard three horizontal lines, and offers two bonus diagonal lines that reach corner-to-corner. The extra lines increase the odds of landing wins.

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