Online poker gained a lot of popularity during the last decade and it is all happening now. But back in the days the only way you could play poker was by sitting down at a table with a dealer and a pack of cards. There are many differences between online and live poker games, some of them are positives of playing online poker while others make live poker look like a better option.

It very much is player dependant. A lot of poker players like to actually play both version of the game, and it’s something we would recommend on this site, since it’s vital to keeping your game sharp. Online poker is played at a much quicker pace, and so you can play a lot more hands per hour and improve your game at a faster rate. The introduction of Speed Poker tables online increased the pace even more.

One of the most notable differences between the two types of poker is the fact that the online poker will never be able to become better than a night spent with your friends playing poker. The feeling and social aspect of a live poker game is able to make a big difference between the two. So a normal game is going to help you talk to your friends and at the same time to have fun while you’re playing. The thrills and excitement that a game of live poker offers players is unbeatable.

However, at the same time, online poker does manage to bring many benefits to players that a normal live poker game could never do. One of the main benefits that you get from playing poker on the net is the fact that you can initially play for free using play money chips, and after that move to the real money micro stakes games, which start out at $0.01/$0.02 at most online poker sites. The live poker rooms that you can find in the casinos will not allow you to play poker for free or for stakes as little as a few cents. This way, online poker is one of the perfect ways to start playing poker or to just improve your game.

Offline poker is more about psychology and the meta game, more so than the online version of the game, where you are much less likely to have much of a read or much history with players, unless you are playing decent stakes as the player pools tend to get smaller as you move up. For example, a good live player who is good at reading opponent’s tells will manage to tell whether a player is bluffing or has a really strong holding. Although online poker games will offer you a welcome bonus to get you to make your first deposit, something that you will never see at an offline poker room. The welcome bonus can be quite substantial too, it is usually 100% matched.

Online Vs Live Poker

Online Poker Offers Welcome Bonuses


Online Poker Offers Lower Rake



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