Lesser Known Casino Games

After playing casino games at Bovada for a good amount of time you may start to grow tired. The same commonly played games that you will typically find everywhere can include Bonus Texas Hold’em, Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. In addition to those popular casino games there are many lesser known casino games available to play at Bovada Casino. They may not be as popular as some of the main games. They are still entertaining all the same. Try your luck out at games such as Pai Gow Poker, Keno, Sic Bo, Aces High, Let It Ride Poker and Live Dealer Games. Check out some Lesser Known Casino Games at Bovada Now.

Lesser Known Casino Games at Bovada

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a combination of the games Poker and the traditional Chinese dominoes game which is called Pai Gow. It is played with a traditional 52-card deck. It includes a joker as the Wild Card for a total of 53-cards, which is used as an ace. Players are required to arrange 7 cards into 2 hands. The first one being a five-card hand and the other a two-card hand.

The basic premise is the 5-card hand is the High Hand.  The 2-card hand is the Low Hand. If the player beats the dealer’s hands then the player wins even money on their wager. However, if both hands of both parties are of the same value, then the dealer wins. The best hands in Pai Gow Poker are 5 Aces (A-A-A-A-Joker), Royal Flush (Ah-Kh-Qh-Jh-Th) and Straight Flush (8s-7s-6s-5s-4s).

Let It Ride Poker

Another lesser known casino game at bovada online casino is the game Let It Ride Poker. Let it ride is played with a standard deck of cards on a blackjack style table. The main objective of the game is to form a winning hand.  In this case at least a pair or Tens or better from the three cards you’re dealt and the two face down community cards.

The players check their cards and decide if they want to take back their bet or continue in the hand, in other words Let It Ride. One of the community cards is turned over and again the players get to decide if they take back the second bet. Then the dealer turns over the second community card so the players have a five card hand. The player’s hands are verified and payouts are made based on the payout table. A pair of Tens will pay even money on the wager.

Lesser Known Casino Games Like Aces High

The main aim in Aces High is for the player to predict whether the spinning reel will land on a higher or lower card, or the same value card when compared to the first card. Players can select the value of the initial card by clicking on either the Hi or Lo buttons. When you are ready, place your wager and then click on the Go button to begin the game. If you make the correct choice, the player can either collect the cash prize shown in the “Cashpot”, or the player can to continue the game round in hope of winning even more money. And if you are fortunate enough to correctly guess the fourth card in a row, you will earn a 5% bonus. Predicting the sixth card in a row gives a 10% bonus, and so on.


Keno is a fun and fast-paced casino numbers game. This game is played with numbers 1 through to 80. During each game round 20 random numbers are selected by the lottery’s computer system. Before playing the game, the player circles a groups of numbers within the range of numbers that could come out. All the player has to do is decide how many numbers they want to pick as well as what numbers to bet on. The more numbers you bet the more favorable the odds will be when you hit a winning combination. In addition to betting on single numbers you can also bet on colors, as well as odd or even numbers. It really is a simple game to play.

Sic Bo

A dice game that is popular in Asia, Sic Bo is actually quite a simple game to play. Sic bo is played with 3 dice on a large layout with up to 50 different betting options.  These options are available to all players. Wagering options include betting on Big, Small, Double, Triplet, Two of a Kind, Three of a Kind, Single Number Wager, Total, just to name a few. The best and easiest choices to increase your chances of winning in Sic Bo are the Big and Small bets that will payout even money when you guess correctly.

Lesser Known Casino Games With Live Dealers

Not many players realize that there live dealer games for many of the casino games as well. Just like in the land based casinos there is a real dealer who is dealing the cards. Who spins the wheel, rolls the dice, or whatever else a croupier would do to deal the specific game. You get to see a live feed of the action at the table. So players are able to adopt the same strategies as they would in live or software based casino games.

So the next time you visit Bovada online casino or land-based casino make sure to look out for the lesser known varieties of casino games.

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