How to Win a Progressive Jackpot Prize on Slots

Everybody wants to land a Bovada Progressive Jackpot win. However, did you know that there are many ways that you can pocket the top prize in online slot machines. Furthermore some are easier to accomplish than others? Let us take a quick look at the five main ways that you can win a significant progressive jackpot prize on slots.

Winning at Random

The most common way to win a progressive jackpot prize nowadays is at random. Slots with randomly triggered jackpots will often carry multiple progressive prizes. What you can win is usually determined by your stake. You will have a better shot of winning the top prizes with larger stakes, for instance. In these games, you are awarded a jackpot prize in relation to your bet entirely at random, or you are selected to go to a bonus round, where you win one of several jackpots or a consolation prize. Either way, with randomly triggered jackpots, there is little you can do to influence your chances of success.

Matching Symbols Paylines Bovada Progressive Jackpot

The old-fashioned way of landing jackpot wins is to match up the best-paying symbols (usually jackpot icons or wilds) on a payline. Some slots will pay out a Bovada Progressive Jackpot if you land five matching icons on any line. Older games at Bovada may require you to land bets on a specific line. This naturally a lot more challenging. Moreover, these types of games may insist that you wager the maximum stake to be in with a shout of winning, as there is only one prize up for grabs.

Winning Bovada Progressive Jackpots via Bonuses

Jackpots can also be won via bonus rounds. You may trigger those bonus rounds by landing scatters/bonus symbols on the reels, or you may be taken to a jackpot bonus at random. Most jackpot bonuses either require you to spin a fortune wheel or to click on symbols to match up jackpot emblems. Some guarantee you a progressive prize, and others have consolation prizes for unsuccessful players. This varies from slot to slot.

Landing a Share of a Community Jackpot

Community jackpots are paid out to several players. In most cases, one player will win the bulk of the jackpot. While a smaller portion of the prizes will be disseminated amongst other players at the casino. To be in with a shout of winning, you usually need to be playing the same game. Moreover at the time the prize is won or have wagered a specific amount and played “recently” to pocket a share of the spoils. These jackpots are handy, as you do not technically need to be the one to strike it lucky to end up with a top win.

Timed Jackpot Cash Prizes

Daily Drops Jackpot games are popular right now, but there are other forms of timed jackpot games. Ultimately, these prizes are guaranteed to pay out (often at random) within a specific time frame. You can check out how long is left on the counters in each game. All you must do is play the slot while the countdown is still active, and you could be the winner. The more frequently the jackpot pays, the smaller the prizes tend to be.

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