The way in which a Fruit Machine or AWP machine works and plays is completely different to standard casino slots, so when you first see them and play them you really need to be aware of the differences to ensure you never make any playing errors.

Unlike a casino slot a Fruit Machine is designed to play in what are known as cycles, once a cycle has been completed, which could be tens or hundreds of thousands of spins then the pre-programmed payout percentage for that game will be reached.

This will mean that even though a Fruit Machine is random, the sequence of events and more importantly the payout percentages are pre-determined and whilst winning and losing sessions are of course going to happen, an experienced player can often increase their winning chances by playing these Fruit Machines in a certain way.

Below we have some interesting facts and figures regarding the way in which Fruit Machines work and operate and you will also find some playing hints and tips which could help you increase your winning chances when you are playing them.

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Jackpot Forcing Fruit Machines

As Fruit Machines go through cycles some players have mastered the art of being able to tell when a Fruit Machine is more likely to payout a series of large wins or its jackpot.

Land based Fruit Machine players have been known to simply sit and watch a Fruit Machine being played in a pub or amusement arcade and if a machine has been taking and taking other players stakes without paying them anything of significance they will then pounce on the game and play it once that unfortunate player has stopped playing it.

They will then put into play what is known as a forcing strategy, they play the machine in such a way that whenever a winning nudge or hold feature is offered they will not take it or will nudge in non winning combinations or hold reels which cannot spin in a winning combination.

Also every time a winning combination is spun in they will gamble it repeatedly and by playing it in this way the current payout percentage of that game will drop to a low amount and the game will be forced eventually to payout a series of large winning payouts or spin in the jackpot combination to correct the payout percentage and return it to its pre-programmed RTP.

Whilst you cannot sit back and watch fellow players playing a Fruit Machine at online casinos, when you are playing them in a Microgaming software powered site you can keep track of the Jackpot Thermometer which each game has attached to it.

This device lets you see which Fruit Machines have recently paid out and which ones has not, and this could be a valuable tool for finding out which game to play if you are thinking or trying to force a jackpot or series of large wins from any Fruit Machine they have on offer.

Fruit Machine Hidden Features

Some Fruit Machines which are available online and in land based casinos will have a set of what are known as hidden or secret features which they have been programmed with.

This enables a more experienced player to hold a major advanced over a novice player for when they know what these hidden features are and how to utilize them they can then play the game in such a way that guaranteed winning payouts will be achieved

This will mean if you are new to playing Fruit Machines you really do need to be aware of how these hidden feature work and when to take advantage of them.

Two of the most commonly known hidden features can be found on a Fruit Machine game called Bar X, these features have been replicated on several other games and as such we will now let you know how they work and operate.

When a nudge feature has been awarded and it is not possible to nudge onto the win line a winning combination then you should nudge in two matching symbols, these symbols must be ones which award a winning payout when you get three of them on the payline and not the blank non payout awarding symbols.

If after the nudge feature has been played out a hold is then offered you should not hold any symbols but instead spin the reels, a winning combination will then be spun in!

Another hidden feature which is found on several Fruit Machine is the three hold feature, when playing the base game if a hold is offered and you hold two matching symbols but no third matching symbol drops in, and the hold is then offered a second and third time then keep on holding those two matching symbols and on the third spin you will spin in the required winning symbol.

Alpha Numeric Display

More and more Fruit Machines will alert players to a hidden feature by flashing up a message on the Alpha Numeric display this is the little box on the screen where little messages of good luck are displayed when you are playing the Fruit Machine.

You need to keep your eyes peeled on this display as these hidden feature messages are often flashed up quickly and appear for just a second or two. So for example if the displayed message flashed up reads “Hold Reel Three” or “Let Them Spin”, then do exactly what it tells you to do as more often than not by following the on screen advice a winning combination will then be spun in.

Occasionally when playing Fruit Machine another tell of a hidden feature is given away by a quick flash off the hold buttons, if one or more of the hold buttons illuminate for a fraction of a second then hold those reels as a hidden feature may be activated by doing just that.

The more you play a Fruit Machine the more of these little hidden features you will discover and this will certainly increase your winning chances when playing these kinds of gaming machines.