Claiming Slot Bonuses

There are hundreds, if not thousands of online casino's like Bovada these days. All of them want you to play slots in their casino, for obvious reasons. When choosing the best place to play slots at, you have to check the Slot Bonuses in a particular casino. One of these things to look for is the Bonuses offered.

Pretty much each online casino offers some kind of a slot bonus or a reward in order to get players joining their casino. You as a player have advantage.Players have a wide variety of casinos to choose from, to be more exact. Each of them will offer something ” exclusive”, ”extraordinary” and ”exceptional” by their own words. Don't be tricked by a cheap marketing, though. Most of the time casino's will offer some crappy bonus and advertise it as something special. When researching a specific bonus, pay some attention for these things:

Slot Bonuses / Cashable or Not

This is one of the most important points in the whole bonus. There are casino's offering 500% up to $5,000 bonuses, but they all are non-cashable. Non-cash-able stands for a bonus, which gets added to your credit (real money balance), but once you request a withdrawal, it automatically gets taken off. You can cash-out all your winnings and any money you have, which is above the bonus amount. Be sure to read terms & conditions of the bonus, as you can get in trouble with non-cashable bonuses. Bovada Casino offers a $3000 sign up bonuses for slots. There bonus is fully cash-able. Claim Here.

Slot Bonuses Wagering requirements

All casino bonuses have some kind of requirements in order for you to be able to cash them out. These are very wide and can require you to wager 10x your bonus amount or even 1000x in some extreme cases! If you can't find the wagering requirements, ask for them to support agents of the casino.

Allowed games for wagering

Wagering a bonus is not all bread and butter. Long gone are the years, when you could wager a bonus in low house edge games and actually have a positive expectation versus the casino. Nowadays, most bonuses allow only slots and some games, where house has a large edge. If table games or games like video poker are allowed, they usually don't count for wagering at a rate of 1:1. There are a few casino's that will count only 10% of the wagered amount from these games and there are some, that won't count it at all. Again, read T&C of your casino bonus carefully!

To sum it up, when looking at an online casino to play at, or for the best online casino bonus, try not to be impressed by the bonus size. Firstly, look for the bonus terms – what are the wagering requirements, what games can you play, is the bovada bonus cashable? ( Yes it is) Even more important, check what kind of a reputation the particular casino has? Is it legitimate, what's the timeframe they are doing cash-outs in? By being careful with all these things, you'll guarantee safeness of your funds and fairness of the games you play at! Your gaming experience can be pleasant, exciting and safe at the same time!

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