Poker has various variations and one such is Sit and Go Poker. It involves a fast and quick version of the game. These are also known as single table tournaments, which became hugely popular with the onset of online poker. This variation has got an excellent popularity among the online poker playing community. Don't forget to use a Bovada Bonus Code before playing poker.

A 9-man Poker Sit and Go tournament is more similar to a regular ring game of poker than to a multi-table poker tournament. The poker chips are bought from Bovada and then the contestant is seated on the table until it is filled. The winner is the only person left who has won all the chips and all other players are either busted without making any money or get a smaller share of the prize money. Usually the prizes are divided among the three players who were the last players to be eliminated. The winner gets around 50% of the total prize pool, the runner-up 30% and the person in the third place usually gets around 20%.

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One of the most common mistakes that novice Bovada Poker SNG online players tend to make is playing several tables at once when first getting into Sit & Go tourneys. This not only reduces the observance of the other players’ betting patterns and their bluffs. The game is loaded with bluffs by the players and once we get to know how to identify their bluffs with the careful observation of their betting patterns and other online tells, right bets/calls can be executed correctly enabling you to make the money and win a more regular occurrence.

There are different strategies for winning Sit and Go tournaments and the most popular are as follows:

Early Stages of a SNG @ Bovada

It is the best time for observation of the whole set of players and notice their betting patterns and general playing style. One of the most common players you will come across during the early stages of online SNG poker tournaments is the weak loose passive player. Although they can become tedious to play against, they are also one of the most profitable players to take on as the style goes against everything we are taught about becoming a winning poker player.

The reason the majority of people become frustrated with weak-passive players is because they fail to adjust to their most fundamental flaw that is calling far too much. Weak loose passive players are also known as calling stations as they simply check and call regardless of their holding. They will very rarely raise pre-flop and almost never show any aggression after the flop either so it is difficult to figure out where you are in the hand.

One area where opponents of the weak-passive players go completely wrong is trying to bluff them, simply never bluff a weak-passive player, especially one who has made it as far as the river because if they have a hand that has got them this far in the hand then they will be calling you regardless! They simply are players who cannot be bluffed you are just wasting your money trying to do so.

Therefore bluffing should not be tried too often at this stage of the tournament since there are so many loose/passive players that cannot be bluffed. The focus is on survival and also the chips aren’t worth much at this point. It is the best strategy to win some small pots and avoid building big pots unless you have a strong hand.

Middle stages of the poker tournament

This is the time when the play should go on reasonably well with heavier betting although the basic strategy shouldn’t change too much from the early stages. The aim is to try and steal a few blinds while actually pretending you have a real hand. This is the part of the tournament when the chip’s value increases and it becomes increasingly important to keep adding chips to your stack to remain a chance of winning.

Final Stages of a SNG

The game is nearing its end and the choice of aggressive play arises, and the stack sizes dictate the way of playing. Aggressive play would have to be done since the blinds are going up fast. The medium size stacks should play a bit more cautiously until they are guaranteed to make the money, especially when there are smaller stacks that are almost guaranteed

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