Blackjack Tips For Online Play

Some of the greatest Blackjack Tips will be found in this article. There are some subtle differences in regards to the way in which online Blackjack games pay and play. As opposed to playing this popular casino card game in land based casinos. As such you need to be aware of the differences before choosing a Blackjack game to play.

You will not be able to count cards when playing Bovada online Blackjack variants. The entire shoe of cards are always shuffled before a new game is set into play. As such this negates any benefit of counting cards online. Check out Blackjack at Bovada Now.

There are however several ways you can improve you winning chances when playing online Blackjack. Below we have several aspects of playing in this type of environment. You will need to have a full understanding of this before you log on to play.

Blackjack Tips For Lower House Edge

There are a huge variety of different Blackjack variants available to players. All online casino software providers like to give players using their gaming platforms as much choice as possible to ensure they stay loyal to their brand.

However each variant is going to offer a different house edge. This is based on several different elements of the variants available. The number of decks, game rules and payouts need to be taken into account. All before you arrive at the house edge of any Blackjack game.

  • Classic Blackjack : Bovada online casinos offers a game known as the Classic Blackjack game. This game uses one single deck of playing cards. Classic BJ is the best game to play when visiting any casino powered by their software. The house edge is very low at just 0.13% when players play it with perfect strategy.
  • Blackjack Switch : Bovada casinos offer a game known as the Blackjack Switch game. This when played with optimum strategy is the lowest house edge variant of Blackjack game they offer.

The game is different to other variants. You are always dealt two hands per game you play. However you are permitted to swap cards from one hand to the other and as such this very unusual game playing rule gives optimum strategy players a long term house edge of to play against of just 0.16%.

Blackjack Tips For Insurance

The majority of Blackjack games you will find in all online casinos with the exception of Double Exposure Blackjack will offer you an Insurance type of wager whenever the Dealer's hand could possibly be a Blackjack hand.

When offered you are permitted to wager half of your original staked amount on this optional side bet. If the Dealer's hand ends up being a Blackjack then you are paid out at odds of 2 to 1.

The theory behind this wager is that by taking it if the Dealer is holding a Blackjack hand then you will win back your original stake when you have opted to place this wager.

However this is the worst bet you can make when playing Blackjack. The house edge on this bet is huge. As such even when playing a low house edge base game by taking this Insurance wager it will have a detrimental effect on your overall winning chances. Never take the Insurance bet option when offered!

Black Jack Early and Late Surrender

There are a few Blackjack games which will offer you what is known as an Early or Late Surrender option, this will allow you to get out of the hand you are playing at certain points in the game. However when surrendering a hand you will lose half of your original staked amount.

  • Early Surrender  When Early Surrender is available on a Blackjack game you can surrender your hand at a cost of half your original wager before the Dealer has checked his hand for a Blackjack.
  • Late Surrender When the Late Surrender option is offered a player can choose to fold and give up his hand for half his or her original stake. This is only after the Dealer has checked his hand for a Blackjack.

There are only certain hand combinations that will call for either a Late or Early Surrender.  As such you should get a Blackjack strategy card for the variant you are playing. This is to ensure you only take either option at the correct time.

If you keep on surrendering a hand at the wrong time then you are going to suffer from an increased long term house edge that will affect your winning chances.

Blackjack Hand Payouts

The standard payout for a winning Blackjack hand which is any ten valued card along with an Ace is 3 to 2. Some variants due to their playing structure offer slight payout differences in regards to a Blackjack hand.

The Double Exposure Blackjack game for example pays even money for a winning Blackjack hand. However should a Players Blackjack be matched by the Dealers hand then the player wins on this kind of tied hand.

However some Blackjack games offered by certain online casinos whilst on first appearance may share the same name and game playing rules as other sites will have a reduced winning Blackjack hand payout.

So when playing at any online casino always have a quick glance at the Blackjack table. See what a winning players Blackjack hand pays. If it is 6 to 5 instead of the higher and industry standard 3 to 2 then that game is offering very poor value. It is a game should be a game you avoid playing.

Blackjack Tips for Progressive Games

You will also find several progressive Blackjack games available online. However these will all usually require an obligatory side bet wager. Which will give you the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

This side bet wager will of course have an effect on your house edge. The only times you should be playing such games is when the progressive jackpot has grown much higher than usual and is above its average payout amount.

Most Blackjack players will avoid playing any type of progressive Blackjack game. In most cases the long term house edge is poor when taking both the base game and progressive payouts into account.

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