When you are playing Video Poker games there are several different hints and playing tips which we can share with you which should hopefully increase your winning chances.

Below we have compiled several different aspects regarding playing Video Poker online and you should have a read through these to ensure you are not only selecting the highest paying variant but also putting into play the optimum playing strategy.

Choosing a Video Poker Variant

As you will soon discover when you start playing Video Poker online there are plenty of different variants to choose from. There are several different software companies powering the gaming platforms which are utilized by online casinos and the art to playing the best paying games is to pick the games offering the best pay backs.

All Aces Video Poker

Should you be playing Video Poker at a RTG powered casino then it will be the All Aces variant of the game which you ought to be playing. This game boasts a payout percentage of 99.92% when playing with optimum strategy and that is the highest paying Video Poker game they currently offer.

Multi-Hand Video Poker

RTG software powered casinos like Bovada Casino offer several multi-hand Video Poker games however due to the pay tables being slightly different on the 10 hand and above variants, the payout percentage of the Jacks or Better and Aces and Faces games have a lower payout percentage than the single-hand games. So stick to playing the single-hand games!

Video Poker Stake Levels

Another aspect of playing any Video Poker game which you need to be aware of as it will have a direct affect on your winning chances is in regards to the stakes at which you are playing each variant for.

The way most Video Poker games' pay tables have been designed is to offer an enhanced payout for being dealt the top hand, usually a Royal Flush when you have chosen to play maximum coins.

This will result in all maximum coin players not only getting that enhanced payout for the top paying hand but they will also get a higher long term payout percentage than players using fewer than the maximum number of coins per game they play. So always play maximum bets to ensure the best payouts and highest pay backs.

Many progressive Video Poker games will also require a maximum bet wager to activate the progressive jackpot paying hand on the pay table, so when playing games such as Microgaming's Jackpot Deuces or SupaJax progressive games it is important to play maximum coins!

Auto Hold Feature

Many casino game software providers will give players a set of options which they can choose to put into play to enhance their playing experience when playing games such as Video Poker.

One option which is invaluable for players is the Auto Hold feature, and when this has been activated the game will always hold automatically for you the best cards on the initial deal.

Therefore by turning on this Auto Hold feature you will be guaranteed to be playing the best playing strategy for the Video Poker variant you are playing, so make sure you have it turned on and in play on every game you set into motion!

Double Up Gamble Feature

As Video Poker can often be a rather boring type of casino game for the novice player, many variants found in the gaming suite of online casinos offer a Double Up gamble type game which players can take once a winning hand has been dealt.

As your bankroll is going to fluctuate upwards and downwards when playing many players tend to take this optional gamble feature in the hope of securing a large winning payout instead of waiting for a high paying hand to be dealt out to them.

It can often be the best for players to turn off or ignore the gamble game as when you have a series of losing guesses on the playing card predicting Double Up gamble game that can have a negative effect on your payout percentage and bankroll, so never be tempted to take the gamble option.

Multiple Pay Tables

Some online casino software providers allow the operators of casinos powered by their software to be able to choose from one of several different pay tables to put into play on their Video Poker games.

One such company is Real Time Gaming, and this will often result in an uninformed player assuming that all of their Video Poker games play and pay the same way when in fact this is not true.

There are three different pay tables Real Time Gaming casino operators have available and as such before playing at any of them you will need to ensure the pay tables attached to the Video Poker game variant on offer at any RTG powered casino are the best ones on offer, if not you will end up playing a low paying variant instead of a higher paying one.

Video Poker Comps and Bonuses

Playing any casino game with a casino bonus will always mean you are tied to play through requirements and other rules, with Video Poker games being low house edge games then bonuses which can be utilized on these types of casino games often offer very poor value.

Some casinos will not allow you to play Video Poker games with bonuses and some will impose higher than usual play through requirements, and often you are better off not taking any such bonus as by refusing them you can play for as long as you want and can more importantly cash out any winnings at a time of your own choosing.

You will find that you can often earn a lot of casino comp and loyalty points when playing Video Poker games, so do ensure that you are a fully enrolled member of the comp club at the casino at which you are playing before you start to play Video Poker in a real money mode, this will ensure you benefit from those little extras which those accumulated comp points entitle you to claim.

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